DC/Marvel: Age of Infinite Heroes
NameMelissa Gold
Screaming Mimi
SpeciesAltered Human
AffiliationThunderbolts (Formerly)
  • Sonic Powers
  • Sonic Scream
  • Sonic Emotional Manipulation
  • Sonic Disorientation

Screaming Mimi was a supervillain, the very one that busted Hawkeye's eardrums. When Citizen V began forming the Thunderbolts, she thought it was a good idea and gave it a go. She took on the codename Songbird and found being a hero great. When it was revealed Baron Zemo was the man behind the mask of Citizen V, she stood with Hawkeye and others to stop his evil plans. She then spent time in prison but gained a Presidential pardon.



Screaming Mimi



Log(s) happened before the revamp and may not apply in full:

  • 2010-07-28 - I CAN'T HEAR YOU - Four supervillains try to attack Stark Industries. Two superheroes and two unsuspecting teens are there to stop them and one is badly injured.

Current Log(s):

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