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NameOroro Munroe
AffiliationXavier's Institute, X-Men, Kenya
  • Weather Control
  • Flight (Air Manipulation)
  • Lightning (Energy Manipulation)
  • Weather Resistance
  • Link to the Earth

Exotic and mysterious, not much is known about Ororo Munroe except that she works at Xavier's Institute as a teacher and that she is indeed a mutant of growing power.

Storm is generally considered to be second in command after Cyclops. She acts as the matron protector to both her students and teammates. Beware her wrath if you hurt one of her ducklings.

Ororo is worshiped as a Goddess and hailed as a protector to the various tribes of the Kenyan people.


Ororo Munroe, also known as the mutant Storm, was born to N'Dar and David Munroe. David was a photo journalist that met N'Dar, a princess of a kenyian tribe, during a job that took him into the heart of the country. The two fell in love and they moved to Manhattan, New York where they were married and had their first and only child. Ororo, which means beauty, was born.

When Ororo was a mere six months old the couple moved to Cairo, Egypt as David had been given an excellent job offer. There little Ororo grew until the age of five. During a political upheavel in the area a jet was shot down, the remains crashing into a small home. Ororo's home. Both parents were killed instantly, yet little Ororo survived. For three days she was buried under the rubble, clutching her mother's dead hand. Ororo has never forgotten this ordeal and still suffers from Claustrophobia to this day from it.

Ororo managed to dig herself out of the debris. Out of fear and simply having no one to turn to she began to live on the streets of Cairo, stealing what she could to survive. She had nothing but the clothes on her back and the ancestral ruby that belonged to her mother, which she kept hidden. A few other street urchins came across Ororo and brought her before their leader, Achmed El Gibr. He saw great potential in the young girl and taught her the finer aspects of living on the street, such as pickpocketing. In time those lessons grew to include lockpicking, stealth, knife fighting and even how to accurately shoot a pistol. Spotting what appeared to be an easy mark one day, Ororo slipped through the crowds and picked the pocket of an American tourist. Or atleast, she tried to. Ororo found herself suddenly paralyzed and a voice in her mind that wasn't hers spoke to her, introducing himself as Charles Xavier. Xavier recognized the girl's brainwaves as that of a mutant. However, before Xavier could explain to the girl he was attacked by the Shadow King and Ororo withdrew into the crowds. This was to be Ororo's first brush with things beyond her normal understanding. But not her last.

Years later, Ororo felt something drawing her, pulling at her like a magnet. At the age of 12 she could withstand it no longer and left the life she knew behind. During her travels she encountered a man in a truck that offered to give her a ride. However, the man later on attempted to rape her and Ororo was forced to stab the man in the heart with her knife. Fearful, she fled the scene and wandered into the unforgiving Sahara desert. It almost ended there for the young girl. Suffering heat stroke and dehydration, she collapsed amongst the dunes and wished with all heart that a rain cloud would come and save her... When the first drops of water began to fall on her face, she at first thought it was a hallucination. It became obvious that the rain cloud was very real. From there on, whenever she needed relief from the sun or water, she simply wished for the rain cloud and there it was. Ororo's mutant abilities had emerged. Along the way she used her powers to save a young prince that called himself T'Challa from would be kidnappers. They each vowed a pact of friendship before going their seperate ways. Finally, Ororo reached the destination, the source of the mystical pull. The home of her ancestors, the Kilimanjaro Valley on the Serengeti Plain in Kenya.

The young girl was taken in by Ainet, an elderly tribal woman that understood just who and what Ororo was. From this woman did Ororo learn how to control her powers and how to be responsible with them. Soon, Ororo was worshipped as a Goddess by the local tribes as she aided them or protected them in whatever way she could. Especially from would be warlords. It was during one such attack that Ororo encountered the X-men. At first she believed the X-men to be in league with the enemy, a mutant called Deluge. Though that was quickly proved otherwise. With the help of the X-men Storm managed to destroy Deluge and his threat to her people. Ororo and the X-men parted on friendly terms. Months later, Xavier asked for Ororo's help in recovering the original X-men team. Knowing the man from long ago, she went to the X-mansion to meet him.. The professor in turn explained to Ororo that she wasn't a goddess at all, but a mutant. That there were many that had powers beyond the normal ken of most humans. That she had a responsibility not just to the people of Kenya, but to the whole world. Utterly fascinated by this and eager to learn more, Ororo accepted Xavier's offer. She recieved the codename of "Storm". Eventually the original team was rescued and Storm stayed on at the mansion, as a team member and then as a teacher for the younger mutants. During this time she took several college courses, learning more and more about the world and in turn, herself. Meanwhile Jean Grey befriended Storm and taught Ororo the culture and customs of North America.

Storm took more and more of a leadership role within the X-men. It was second nature to her and every mission proved she was both capable and intelligent. As time went by she learned to better control her powers as they grew more and more powerful. Life looked as though it had placed Ororo where she needed to be and she was happy with that. Then the Labyrinth came for her. The Labyrinth took all the heroes from two different universes. Storm was no exception. While many found others in the Labyrinth, Storm was cordoned away from the others. Within she faced many trials and tribulations. Watching what she believed was her team mates die while she stood, unable to act. Attempting to protect Kenya and failing, watching as it was laid to waste by warlords and villains alike. Being buried under the rubble with her mom and dad, only this time their corpses spoke to her, accusing her of horrible things while her mother's hand clutched her own. In the end, the Labyrinth broke her, creating a madness within Ororo that was nothing but a violet storm of dark emotion. With no control over herself, a tiny part of Storm watched in horror as she began to lay waste to what she thought was Africa. Category five hurricanes pounded the coastlines and their cities. EF five tornados struck at the heart of the continent. Lightning chewed up the ground as the floods washed everything away. Nothing could stop her, nothing would stop her. Except herself. It took everything within herself to wrestle brief control back from the madness. Landing upon the battered coast she summoned forth a massive tidal wave and stood directly in its path. Just as the wave arced down to obliterate her she was yanked free from the Labyrinth as it withdrew from a world that was now vastly different.

Ororo has had a hard time adjusting since the incident with the Labyrinth. Not so much the new heroes or villains. Not so much that her own reality merged with another. She plays what she did over and over in her mind, constantly questioning her actions within the simulated world. It hasn't interfered with her leadership or teacher roles within the X-men. Not yet. She continues on, as she feels she must do, trying to take the lessons she learned to heart and use them to better herself and those in her charge. Storm continues to be a staunch supporter of Xavier and his methods, often acting as a field commander if Cyclops is not present. Storm faces a new world, a new reality. She isn't scared though. She is a Goddess, after all.


  • Imperious - Ororo is a natural born leader. She makes sound judgments in tough situations and expects other people to follow her. She has been worshipped as a Goddess in Kenya and put in charge of teams of heroes during apocalyptic events. As a result she expects others to follow her commands. Often, Storm comes across as egotistical or severe even though she is just trying to protect the people around her. After all, if everyone does as she says then everything will be fine.
  • Caregiver - Ororo cares deply for the people around her- her students, teammates, and those she sees as friends. She always tries to be there for them both by being a confidante and offering quiet words of encouragement. By the same token if you mess with those people Storm is close to she takes it very seriously. She has been known to take very decisive action against those who harm her friends, and especially against those who harm her students.
  • Reserved - Ororo keeps a careful check on her feelings as best she can lest they get out of control. When she is truly angry hurricanes form and her sadness can cause endless rain. She does her best not to feel and so sometimes comes across as cold.
  • Passionate - The reality is that Storm is anything but callous or unfeeling. She dances in the rain, shouts with the thunder, and dances with lightning. Going to shows, flying through the clouds, getting drunk, and taking lovers. She believes life should be enjoyed. Storm feels deeply. Too deeply. When she loves she loves with all herheart. Her anger and grief are endless in their fury and if she gives into them terrible things can happen. She tries to express these in her gardening and the light shows she gives to the students, as well as combat. Safe, controlled ways. Even if she feels anything but.


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