G.I. Joe: Yo Joe!
File NameTimber
AffiliationG.I. Joe Team
RankG.I. Joe Mascot
PositionSnake-Eye's Partner
  • Leap
  • Helpful
  • Teeth
  • Claws

Public Info: A big wolf-like dog that travels with Snake-Eyes.

G.I. Joe Info: Timber is a wild wolf that seems to be self-domesticated just to stay by Snake Eyes' side. He is intensely loyal and intelligent, and seems oddly fond of the Joes, perhaps because they have Snake-Eyes' scent.

Cobra Info: A big wolf-like dog that has been seen with Snake-Eyes a number of times in conflicts. He is not afraid of guns and attacks without hesitation. A dangerous animal.


Saved from a bear trap in the arctic area by Snake-Eyes, the Timber wolf adopted the Joe as his pack. When meeting the other Joe's, he formed a sort of expanded pack with them, and has quickly grew protective of them. By working with Cover-Girl, he was able to help her get a canister with a sleep gas out of Joe headquarters before it exploded.

At that point he gained the name Timber. He has repeatedly helped the Joes in missions, either as back-up and to act as a distraction for Snake-Eyes or to perform tracking.


  • Loyal
  • Intelligent
  • Aggressive
  • Protective
  • Disciplined


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