Wayne Enterprises
Wayne Enterprises is one of several international super-conglomerates, having a presence in most countries in the world. Their greatest influence is by far Gotham, home of their head offices. They represent both the largest employment market in the city and the greatest capital.
Location: Gotham City
Wayne Enterprises Divisions
  • Wayne Technologies (Wayne Tech)
  • Wayne Biotech
  • Wayne Aerospace
  • Wayne Chemicals
  • Wayne Shipping
  • Wayne Foundation
  • Wayne Industries
  • Wayne Medical
  • Wayne Electronics
  • Wayne Entertainment
  • Wayne Steel
  • Wayne Shipbuilding
  • Wayne Foods
Patents & More

Consumer Electronics

  • J-5 OS - The latest innovation of the popular J Series OS developed by Wayne Enterprises with help from Kord and Queen Industries. Works across multiple platforms from phones, tablets, notebooks and desktops. Available for download from the Wayne Tech Store, and comes pre-installed on all new Wayne Tech, Kord and Queen Industries products. Synchronize your data across your devices by logging in on with your JMail ID.
  • Wayne Drive and Wayne Drive Pro - Secure cloud Data System for both free public use and secure private storage. Compatible with all systems and works especially well with J-5 OS.
  • Wayne Tech 5 Series - In conjunction with the launch of the J-5 OS Wayne Tech has come out with it’s five series phones, tablets and notebooks including ProPhone 5, ProPad 5 and ProBook 5.
  • For the Qube - Wayne Entertainment is releasing a number of games for the Queen Industries Qube and PC this year.
  • Heroes: Worlds Combined - Use your Q-Box Motion to take the role of your favorite superhero from either universe and battle for supremacy in a one on one fighting game. Or play in team mode and battle together against some of both worlds’ greatest foes.
  • Gotham Beat: Undercover - The latest in the popular open world game series Gotham Beat. Where you take on the role Detective Edward Cross as he goes undercover in the Gotham City underworld. His investigation will take him from the streets of Gotham, to Arkham Asylum, Metropolis and the shores of Santa Prisca. Partial proceeds goes to the widows and orphans of the Gotham City Police Department.
  • Wayne Sports Lineup - New for the New Year, Wayne Sports brings you the latest line up of Football, Hockey, Basketball and Baseball games. Take control of your favorite team and play through full seasons, or multiple seasons in dynasty mode.


  • Keystone Motors/Wayne Industries Bolt - The future of high performance electric automobiles. Featuring a new lightweight chassi and frame courtesy of Keystone Motors, the Bolt features a new electric motor capable of longer range and faster speeds than previously thought possible.
  • Keystone Motors/Wayne Industries Spark - The first all electric sport bike, able to compete with it’s gas powered competitors and whisper quiet.


  • The Wayne Aerospace Slipstream 9 - The pinnacle of luxury and speed in a private jet. The Slipstream 9’s V wing airframe allows it to move more swiftly than the competition and it’s custom designed interior makes sure it’s passengers have everything they desire while the zoom to their destination at 600mph. As with previous models the Slipstream 9 is restricted to government and corporate clients but, there is already a long list of private buyers looking to acquire one for the status if nothing else.
  • The Night Owl II Urban Rigid Airship – Field tested in Gotham City, the Night Owl II provides a compact maneuverable urban rigid airship loaded the latest optical equipment, including infrared spotlights, thermal imaging, conventional night vision and radar. Placed above high crime areas the Night Owl can provide up to date information to officers on the ground and serve as a long term deterrent to crime not possible through helicopters and other similar vehicles.

Military Applications

  • Tumbler All-Terrain Attack Vehicle - Armoured, fast, capable of managing rough terrain and jet assisted leaps of up to 200 meters. The tumbler is ultimate quick response vehicle of the 21st century battle field. Armed with a forward facing turret that can launch conventional shells as well as specialized gas rounds, as well as possessing state of the art counter-detection measures the can get in, get the job done, and get out before the enemy knows what hit them.
  • W-4b Wraith Fighter Jet – VTOL capable, multi-role fighter for all branches of the military. Has a stealth skin and air-frame design, making it capable of sneaking in under all but the most advanced radar systems and striking its target.
  • Kestrel Attack Helicopter – Two person attack helicopter. Fitted with a stealth skin as well as a variable weapons load ranging from the front mounted 20mm auto-cannon to wing mounted missiles. This is the close support vehicle of choice for the US Army and is used in a variety of roles.

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