DC/Marvel: Age of Infinite Heroes
NameEmma Frost
CodenameWhite Queen
AffiliationFrost Enterprises, Hellfire Club,
Xavier's Institute, X-Men
  • Telepathy
  • Precision Telepathy
  • Mind Control
  • Mind Reading
  • Possession
  • Illusions
  • Sedation
  • Memory Alteration
  • Psychic Shield
  • Cloak Mind
  • Astral Projection
  • Psychic Bolt
  • Psychic Surgery
  • Psychic Hopping
  • Diamond Form
  • Speed Learning

Emma Frost is the daughter of Winston Frost. She was a rising star in the world of business and Academia after renovating the Snow Valley Academy into the prestigious Massachusetts Academy. Scandal rocked the country when the school was destroyed in an explosion - the cause of which is still unknown - that left many students, faculty, and Emma's own sister dead. Since then she has gone into seclusion and is rarely seen in public.

White Queen is a new member of the X-Men. In addition to being a field member she also acts as a student instructor in the fields of Latin, Engineering (Entry Level), Physical Sciences, Ethics and Public Service.


Emma Frost hails from a family that has been in the United States since the first settlers stepped off of the Mayflower. She is, or was, the middle child of one Winston Frost of Frost Enterprises and the exceptionally well established Frost Family. Winston was a sadistic man who kept his business going via diabolical determination and nearly illegal methods, thereby rising to the top of his business. In turn, he was the terror of his children. Emma grew up emotionally isolated, borderline abused, and constantly tormented by her father and her older sister Adrienne. As a child the rare times she received kindness and support were from her brother Christian, whom she idolized. Emma's mother Hazel was uncaring, Adrienne sadistic, and her younger sister Cordelia focused upon whatever she could do to 'shock' everyone at any given time. As a child, Emma was an academic under-performer who was constantly victimized by stress and whom wanted to be a teacher, which her father humiliated her over at every moment and Adrienne undercut her.

Emma went to the Snow Valley Academy for Girls, a privately funded hell away from home for her. There she was routinely bullied and humiliated, developing a low sense of self esteem. This constant level of stress was what eventually triggered her powers, the manifestation resulting in a fainting spell from the mental overload of picking up on the thoughts of everyone around her at once. She had her first schoolgirl crush from this experience, a teacher named Ian cared for her after this episode when noone had before to her knowledge. Her first attempts to harness her newfound powers were efforts at bettering her grades and overall academic performance. Naturally, this was met with ridicule by her father who had Ian fired just to spite her.

Things never got better at home for Emma as her brother came out of the closet as gay, resulting in her father disowning him. The familial infighting got particularly bitter when her father was caught cheating on her mother by Emma. Adrienne took up modelling against her father's wishes, and Cordelia started doing drugs which made things all the worse as her father ratchetted down his efforts at controlling her and his household more broadly, including having her brother arrested for doing drugs on false evidence. Emma lashed out with evidence of her father's affair to her mother, but this only gave Hazel a stroke. In a weird way it earned her father's respect, especially after her brother being committed and the other girls becoming headcases in their own rights. He resolved to name her his heir, but at this point she hated him so badly she simply stormed out and resolved to sever ties.

With no money,skills, or support she found street life difficult. Emma got lucky eventually, however, and landed a job as a waitress where she met her first boyfried. She discovered he had ptoblems of his own with loansharks, and resolved to help him settle his outstanding debts. This backfired, however, and landed her in a scheme to extort from her father. The plan went sideways when her father refused to pay, at least until Adrienne blackmailed him into it. In the midst of the chaos, her boyfriend was killed and this sparked a fury in Emma. She used her powers to manipulate her kidnappers into betraying each other, then murdered them in revenge. Taking the ransom money for herself, she used it to turn her life around and go to college.

It was at college, filching money however she could to pay her way, that she first encountered the Hellfire Club. She encountered Henry Leland and Sebastian Shaw at one of their many soirees. At this one in particular, she was caught up in a brawl and Leland came to her rescue when she found herself incapacitated before she could use her powers. Sebastian Shaw took notice of her however, sensing a potential for something more.

Emma Frost attended Empire State University, majoring in Business. She ran into her old flame Ian there, but her powers were continuing to grow and she was struggling to keep them in check. It was under these circumstances that she ran into another mutant who happened to be a telepath like herself and revealed to her that she wasn't as unique as she thought. She learned from her that society hated and feared her kind, but unfortunately she also came to learn that this girl wanted to isolate and manipulate her and was psychotic. Gradually, the other mutant managed to turn everyone against Emma and by the time she put a stop to her even Ian was horrified by her mutanthood. For her, that was the last straw and resolved to hate back at the world as much as it seemed to hate her.

Emma would eventually graduate inspite of everything. She continued attending soirees put on by the Hellfire Club, and she worked these venues as a stripper to make contacts among the elite of society. Though she'd not likely remember it again, it was at one such venue that she met Charles Xavier for the first time. He attempted to recruit her and warn her about the Club, but she hatefully rebuffed his advances. For that, he wiped her mind of the brief encounter. Sebastian Shaw would instead recruit her, seeking to consolidate his own power within the society.

Emma's life turned around for the first time with the Hellfire Club. She had wealth and power of her own, though ironically she invested in sculpting her image after the likeness of her psychotic sister Adrienne. She was eventually promoted to their Inner Circle, and she used her newfound contacts to begin consolidating control to herself of Frost Industries. She also was given a training position over young mutants by Sebastian, in time these would become her Hellions and because of the antithetical positions of the Club and Xavier's they regularly clashed with the X-Men.

Emma founded a school of her to further her purposes within the Hellfire Club. She founded the Massachusetts Academy, using it as a front to mold young mutants into soldiers for her and Sebastian. In spite of the negativity that her world was steeped in, she had achieved a measure of stability in which she'd grown confident in her own abilities. This wouldn't last however, for her sister decided to ruin things and tore her existence out from under her.

Adrienne had developed powers of psychometry and had outconsolidated Emma within Frost Industries. She had also grown sadistic and hated Emma worse than anyone. Approaching her with an offer of a detente, she convinced the complacent Emma to invite her into the school. Emma quickly came to regret this when her school came to ruins. Her students dead in an ensuing melee, she decided to put her sister down herself and did.

Numb from all the events that came to pass, namely the destruction of her school and deaths of so many of the Hellions and students, Emma took refuge at the Xavier School in a twist of irony. She was at her emotional lowest, but determined that that she could always remake herself. There at the new school she set about doing that amidst people with no reason to trust or even like her. She offered her services as a telepath not only within the curriculum among several other classes, but in the field with the X-Men as well.

Tragedy struck again with the Cataclysm. She had always worked to keep tabs on her potent telepathy, but this event sent her into a coma from the raw overload. Her mutant potential responded to the compounding fear and uncertainty from everything resulting from the merging of the worlds by enshrouding her in a literal cocoon. She had developed her secondary mutation, a diamond form to match her inner unbreakable self. Whether this symbolism holds true in the days to come will remain to be seen.

Recent Events

Emma Frost has begun taking earnest steps in putting her dark and violent past behind her. Taking a more active role in the Xavier Institute, she has begun asserting her leadership skills in dealing with events with the mutant community not only locally in New York and Westchester but abroad as well. With the assistance of Jean Grey, Professor X, and Wolverine she made contact with SHIELD to strike a deal bringing the investigations into the Massachusetts Academy affair to a close lest it jeopardize everything she has accomplished. In the process, she made the startling discovery that Adrienne is in fact alive and has been this entire time.


  • Perfectionist - Emma Frost governs her world like a tyrant. Every detail is meticulously ordered, and she does nothing without utter certainty of the results. Nothing is out of place in her environment for long from the moment she enters it, so long as she can help it. From the positioning of a pen on the table, to the positioning of its partnered chair, everything will be as it should be. This extends to her personal conduct as well. She says nothing she doesn't mean, however biting her words tend to be. She guages them for effect, usually to offbalance and fluster for advantage. Life is competition, and she plays to win with every breath.
  • Vain - Emma knows she is better. She is assured of her status as a modern aristocrat, and she conducts herself as such. More than that, she not only believes her name is aristocratic but that she has rescued it from being abused by other bearers of that name. She knows she can do more for and with it than they could have. She will not only live up to it, she intends to raise the bar and reset the competition.
  • Caring - In spite of her regal yet icey demeanor, she actually does have concern for the well being of others. Especially mutants, in her case. She will sometimes do things out of sight of others to benefit those she looks after. More than this, she tries to set examples by her actions. She's a believer in tough love. Life has been cruel to her, so she makes it hard on those she looks after to better enable them for the unforgiving world beyond her not inconsiderable reach.
  • Distant - Emma endeavors to keep people at arm's reach. At one time or another, she has had everything she has ever cared about either undermined or outright destroyed. She never wants to experience that again, but it won't come as a shock to her if it does. To that end, her appearance of being glacial and aloof is calculated to discourage others. Her demeanor of being highborn and regal is calculated as much to inspire as intimidate, for in her mind she is. Life has been disappointing in every way imaginable, so she's resolved to minimize attachments going forward.
  • Determined - As many times as she has been knocked down, Emma still manages to get back up. She doesn't believe in anything but herself at the end of the day, but perhaps that is enough to keep her going. She is well aware of what she has overcome to get where she is, and she minds her debts along the way. In spite of losing her own school and nearly every student attending it, she still found the resolve to keep on teaching.
  • Protective - Emma has lost a lot, this makes her fiercely protective of what she still has and what she has aquired. She is keenly perceptive of covetousness and jealousy in others, and while she doesn't mind it she is quick to respond to advances of such people. Those who actually threaten that which is under her care, people especially, are swiftly cut off at the knees.


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