DC/Marvel: Age of Infinite Heroes
NameSara Pezzini
  • Witchblade
  • Healing Factor
  • Weapons
  • Armor

Sara Pezzini is an NYPD Homicide Detective. Caught up in a weird world and the most recent possessor of the Witchblade, a potent magical artifact. Sara tries to be a good cop, but has a go it alone attitude which makes her dealing with an ancient mystical artifact with a mind of it's own and adversaries thousands of years old makes her life a lot more difficult. For now, she is a warrior woman of a lineage going back thousands of years fighting both an ancient artifact and those who would try and possess it.


Sara Pezzini was a normal New York City Detective. She had been on the job a few years with her partner when in shipyard, she and her partner got into a shootout trying to stop a smuggling operation. She and her partner were shot many times and were left for dead. As she lay there, the Witchblade became part of her. In a few days, she woke up, while her partner was still in a coma. While investigating the one who had the shipment there in the first place, Jeremy Irons, Sara found out that she had the Witchblade upon her. While she freaked out a little, she still used it's powers to attempt to bring Irons to justice. But she did end up busting most of his house staff.

Jeremy Irons still hunts Sara Pezzini, now that he knows she has the witchblade, but Sara learns that the Witchblade is sentient, and can communicate with her with telepathy. So Sara learns of the Witchblade's past, and past users. In the meantime, she also learns how to use it's powers, such as the blades and using it's pyrokinesis. However, she keeps the Witchblade a closely guarded secret, since she doesn't know who Irons has hired to hunt her down.


Being an NYPD Police Officer, Sara Pezzini does tend to look at every day instance in mostly black and white. Mostly because of how closely she's tied to the law. While she still views the world like this, she's realizing that there are greater shades of grey in the world than she realizes, and she adapts as best as she can.

Despite being a loner because of the Witchblade, she does keep a few friends, mostly in the NYPD, but in other places as well. And she feels someone is a friend, she tries to protect them as best she can. This include her former partner.

While she may not like doing it, she WILL kill someone to protect them from being killed, if she must. Even using the witchblade to do it, if she must. But, again, she doesn't like killing, and will avoid it, if possible.