DC/Marvel: Age of Infinite Heroes
NameJames "Logan" Howlett
CodenameWolverine, Weapon X
Age120+ (35)
AffiliationXavier's Institute,
Clan Yashida (Formerly),
Department H (Formerly),
Team X (Formerly)
  • Enhanced Physical Attributes
  • Strength
  • Stamina
  • Senses
  • Regeneration
  • Viral & Toxin Immunity
  • Metal Enhancements
  • Claws
  • Adamantium Skeleton

Logan is far from well known. Most people would know him as nothing more than that hairy, short Canadian guy often seen at whatever bar they've seen him at. Those that know the teachers of Xavier's Institute, will no doubt also know he is one of them.

As Wolverine however, he is known to be a member of the X-Men. He isn't known for his social graces.

Logan's known to most government organizations, he's generally a known mutant and considered a world class black ops operative, although it's been reported that he'd fallen off the grid for a while, and is now no longer active for anyone, it can be presumed he's a high level clearance file, and that most government agencies are keeping a file on him.


Wolverine was born in the late 19th Century as James Howlett, he was a sickly boy and the only child of the wealthy Howlett who made their home in Alberta, Canada. When puberty hit James so did his mutation sparked to life by witnessing Thomas Logan, the family groundskeeper murder his parents. In response James sprouted his claws and in a feral rage killed Thomas before fleeing with his caretaker Rose. The pair escape and manage to survive as James learns to control his animalistic powers and his healing factor restores his health and gives him strength. Their time together is short. Thomas son Dog tracks them down. James and Dog fight and in the battle Rose is killed.

Wracked with guilt over Roses death, James flees into the wilderness and does not emerge for many years and when he does he goes by the name Logan. He lives as a drifter, gambling, killing and fighting for a living until his travels take him to the island of Madripoor where he first encounters the organization known as Hydra. He witnesses them pulling the strings behind the scenes of world events and that spurs him to return home to Canada and fight in World War I. Despite his meritorious service during the war, Logan falls out with his unit, The Devils Brigade, after he repeatedly finds himself at odds with his officers. He leaves the army and starts living off the land again.

During this time he meets a native woman named Silver Fox and they marry and live happily together until shes abducted by another animalistic mutant named Sabertooth causing Logan to hunt them seeking revenge and Silver Foxs freedom. While he does not find them during his journey he comes to Japan and meets the renowned martial arts master named Ogun. Ogun takes Logan under his wing and trains him in Japanese martial arts and philosophy, helping Logan control his animalistic nature and mature from a simple brute to a sophisticated warrior.

Following his time in Japan Logan wandered the world again fighting in the Mexican Revolution, working as a bandit, a bootlegger, a PI and many other things. All the while learning new skills and trades. Among his teachers during this time is the father of Black Widow, who teaches Logan how to be spy but their partnership ends with Logan being involved in the mans untimely death and Natashas adoption by Ivan. When the Second World War begins Logan returns to Canada where he joins the Canadian special forces and crosses paths with Captain America, Nick Fury and Black Widow. After the war he tries to give up fighting and become a monk but his enemies soon find him, killing his fellow monks and sending Logan to once again wander the world alone.

Logan lives the life of a nomad until he is picked up by Team X and has his memories altered, he fights in Vietnam for the US Government alongside Silver Fox and Sabertooth completely unaware of their past history. Its during this time he is given the name Wolverine. Despite the modifications to his memory and Team Xs efforts to keep Logan under their thumb he and Sabertooth renew their hatred for each other and the other mutants presence as well as the units methods cause Logan to escape. He doesnt stay gone for long before he is recaptured and in what proves to be a poor decision by Team X, he is modified by bonding Adamantium to his skeleton. The pain of the process taxes Logans healing factor to its limits and sends him into a feral state. In his rage he kills most of the scientists working on him and claws his way out of the Weapon X facility to freedom.

Now calling himself Wolverine, he becomes a wanderer again until he is tracked down by Heather and James Hudson while in Canada. The pair are superheroes working for the Canadian government under the codenames Vindicator and Guardian respectively. They bring Logan in and he is given over to Department H and where he is reformed and pressed into service in the Canadian superhero team Alpha Flight. His time with the team is marked by disputes with the teams other members as well as unrequited feelings for Heather Hudson. After Logan leaves Alpha Flight he travels into the United States and while hes there encounters Professor Charles Xavier after a run in with mutant terrorists including Sabertooth calling themselves the Brotherhood of Mutants.

Despite only coming with Charles because the telepathic mutant promises to restore his memory, Logan soon finds himself part of a new team, the X-Men, a group of mutants working to protect humanity and mutantkind alike. Despite thinking their cause was hopeless and not getting along with their leader, Cyclops (and being in love with Cyclops girl, Jean Grey), deep down Logan likes the team and the school it was based out of and finds in it something he had never had before: a home.

Joining the X-Men brings Wolverine to the attention of the hero community at large. Hed met Captain America, the Hulk and others in the past but never as a fellow hero, and while he doesnt always get along with everyone he definitely makes a name for himself as a known hero. Through the school and the X-Men, Logan finds he makes personal connections to Charles Xavier, Jean Grey as well as some of Xaviers Institutes students such as Kitty Pryde and Jubilee, becoming something of a father or at least a big brother to the both of them. When it came to his team Logan always got on best with Nightcrawler, Colossus and Jean Grey but eventually came to respect the others, yes, even Cyclops. Thats not to say Logan didnt have his friction with some of the team or the students and he often left to go travelling, but he always returned. The longest of these trips happened after Jean Greys transformation into Dark Phoenix, leading to her death. The second came after her return bringing up old feelings he thought he had forgotten.

It was during this period Logan would meet his female clone Laura Kinney, aka X-23. The two started off fighting, but came to understand one another (at least to some degree) with Logan watching over her from afar until she joined Xaviers institute and eventually the X-Men. This time would also see him in Japan, fighting Yashida Shingen and meeting and falling in love with Mariko, though eventually they would part ways due to Marikos role in her familys business. She would later be killed by Sabertooth and Logan would once again wander, returning periodically to Xavier's before hitting the road again. Now Logan is back, seemingly over his loss for now, and fitting back into the peaceful routine of the school until the next adventure comes calling.


Logan is a gruff and blunt man with an air of menace that clings to him like the smell of beer and cigars clings to his clothes. It makes him a tough man to get to know and harder still to like. Logan likes it that way and if you dont, well thats your problem bub.

Despite Logans gruff shell there is a core of honour and goodness and pain within Logan that he doesnt share with many. For those who he does share that part of himself with get to see he is more than the rough and tumble loner he presents to the world but an honourable man and a good friend. That Logan can be kind, funny (in a grumpy sort of way) and loyal. He is also a man who carries a lot of pain, and that pain and his desire not to have others hurt by its causes drives him to wander as often as he does.

That said, his more brutal side cannot be discounted, despite being buried there is still a ferocious animal lurking inside of Logan and when pressed, badly injured or facing his oldest and most hated foes it explodes forth in whirlwind of violence that often catches up his friends along with his foes.. Even when not in the grip of that rage, his first instinct is often violence when faced with those who would hurt the people closest to him or those he deems to be innocents. While Logan //tries// to reign this part of him in while hes with the X-Men, if the mission calls for it or if someone is going to be a threat long term, Logan is not above dealing with them permanently.


First Player's Logs

Pre-Vamp Logs

Second Player's Logs

NPC'ed Logs

and ends up getting the girl version instead.

Third Player's Logs

Fourth Player's Logs

Fifth Player's Logs

NPC'ed Logs

  • 2016-07-12 - Kimura: Megan Kidnapped - Logan and Laura are hanging out in the X-Mansion when a package arrives for Laura. It contains a ghastly invitation to a fight, they accept it and come to Megan's rescue.

Fourth Player's Logs

2017 Logs

  • 2017-09-22 - Atlantic City Showdown - The X-Men travel to Atlantic City to do battle with the Shadow King. The stakes? The life and freedom of one of their own: Bobby Drake.


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