DC/Marvel: Age of Infinite Heroes
NameJames "Logan" Howlett
CodenameWolverine, Weapon X
Age120+ (35)
AffiliationXavier's Institute, Clan Yashida,
X-Men, Sensational X-Men,
Department H (Formerly), Team X (Formerly)
  • Enhanced Physical Attributes
  • Strength
  • Stamina
  • Senses
  • Regeneration
  • Viral & Toxin Immunity
  • Metal Enhancements
  • Claws
  • Adamantium Skeleton

Logan is far from well known. Most people would know him as nothing more than that hairy, short Canadian guy often seen at whatever bar they've seen him at. Those that know the teachers of Xavier's Institute, will no doubt also know he is one of them.

As Wolverine however, he is known to be a member of the X-Men. He isn't known for his social graces.

Logan's known to most government organizations, he's generally a known mutant and considered a world class black ops operative, although it's been reported that he'd fallen off the grid for a while, and is now no longer active for anyone, it can be presumed he's a high level clearance file, and that most government agencies are keeping a file on him.


  • In the late 19th century Wolverine was born a small sickly boy named James Howlett. James was born to the wealthy howlett Family in Albaert, Canada.
  • When the boy hit puberty his mutation was sparked into presenting. The Trauma of witnessing his family's grounds keeper Thomas Logan kill his father and attack his mother, spark the sickly boy to fly into a rage and suddenly sprout claws. In the insueing fight James killed Logan, and then fled with his truested and loved caretaker Rose by his side.
  • Rose and James manage to survive and make ends meet as James learns to control his new abilities and gaining health and strength. This all changed when Logan's son dog finds them seeking vengeance. James confronts Logan and in the confrontation James accidentally kills Rose.
  • James wrecked with guilt over killing his only friend/love of his life, flees into the wilderness.
  • Many years later James now going by Logan re emerges from the canadian wilderness. He lives as a drifter, gambling and pit fighting for a living, and living like animal.
  • On a trip to Mandripoor, Logan encounters HYDRA and it spurs him to return to Canada and join the military. Where he becomes part of the famous "Devils Brigade"
  • Despite his meritous servous in the first world war, Logan falls out of his unit over his disdain for one of his officers and the over all bureaucratic power structure. Logan leaves the service to go live off the land with a native american woman known as Silver Fox. They live as a married couple. Till the mutant known as Sabertooth abducts her. Causing Logan to seek revenge.
  • During his travels Logan found himself in Japan. Here he meets an martial arts master by the name of Ogun. He then trains Logan in these arts and helps logan gain control of the animalistic nature. Here Logan goes from simple brute to sophisticated warrior. Sadly this man would also become one of Logan's most hated enemies.
  • Following his time in Japan Logan wandered the world taking up many trades. Fighting in the mexican revolution, being a bandit, a bootlegger a PI and many other things. All the while learning and training in new skills and trades.
  • Logan learns the skills of master spy from the Black widow's father. Unfortunately later Logan is involved in his untimely demise.
  • The second world war sees Logan return to canada and the military he joins the canadian special forces and fights through out the war. He crosses paths with such notables as Captain America Nick fury and the Black Widow. After the war He tries to settle down and live as a monk. But old enemies make sure he finds no peace.
  • Logan becomes a nomad once more. Finding himself involved with a number different people and situations before being picked up by Team X. During this time he would first gain the code name Wolverine. Team x becomes involved in the vietnam conflict during which logan is psychically modified losing his memories. He is working along side Silver fox and Sabertooth and doesn't even realize it.
  • Despite this Logan doesn't get along with Sabertooth and Team X's methods and motives don't sit well with him Logan evetually leaves the team But he is recaptured by them and subjected to experiments.
  • This leads to Logan's skeleton being bonded with adamantium. the final stage of this process is so painful and taxing that his brain flips into a feral state. Logan claws his way out of his restraints and killing everyone in his path before escaping.
  • Now going by Wolverine, Logan is is subdued by the married superheroes, Heather and James Hudson, aka Vindicator and The Guardian. They bring him to Canada's depratment H, there he is rehabilitated and pressed into servies as a teacher and trainer before joining Alpha flight. His term with the team is short, Disgreements with the team and unrequited feelings for Heather prompt Wolverine to leave.
  • Wolverine eventually would meet Charles Xavier. He convinces wolverine to join his x-men after a run in with the brotherhood. First Logan is lured by the promise of his memories being restored, but he slowly grew to want to stay or at the very least always come back. Finding people to care about and love. Growing protective of students like Jubilee, haboring feelings for Jean Grey and so on. Even fighting with Cyclops wasn't enough to drive him off as similar situations had before.
  • Though this doesn't mean that wolverine never left the X-men. After especially pitched battles like those against the sentinels, the brotherhood, the hellions and even his old team alpha flight, Logan would need to go off and take time for himself. He would also do this after more personal missions like rescuing Kitty Pryde a student and freind from his old mentor Ogun. But none came as close to driving him away forever like Jean's tranformation into the dark Phoenix and resulting death. Wolverine loved Jean deeply and her loss struck him to the point that he nearly doesn't return.
  • The return of Jean Grey, the friction with Emma Frost and the crisis thrust Wolverine into another journey across the world, leading him to encounter a new world of potential enemies and allies. meeting such formitable new enemies as Deathstroke and the League of assassins.
  • Wolverine finds himself again in Japan this time his is drawn into the the criminal underworld which is at war due to Yashida Shingen making a play to take country of the the country's vast organized crime syndicate. Wolverine Kills him and then he assists his daughter Mariko in the fight against her family's enemies when he is names her family's protector. Wolverine had planned to wed Mariko but when she seeks to move into legitmate business she had break it off. Logan left but swore to still be her protector should her clan ever need him.
  • To this day Wolverine makes habit of wandering the world but always finding his way home to the Xavier Institute. Returning home when needed or when bored of the road.


Wolverine seems like a gruff intimidating figure. Famous for the line "I'm the best at what I do. and what I do isn't very nice" Wolverine players up his violent past and status as a living weapon. But this is all just to hide that he is a deeper and more complex human being than he let's on.

The man behind the Wolverine, Logan is a a warrior forged in the fires and punishing blows of time. As such he is own man, he does things his own way and for his own reasons, no one else's. As Such Logan can be a bit of pain to deal with. Though this also makes Logan an thoroughly honest if blunt man. If you are worth the effort to communicate with then you deserve his honesty in all it's flawed frankness. If Logan makes you a friend he is a intensely loyal and will protect you but not your feelings.

If you find yourself counted among the unfortunate souls that are Logan's enemies, you are not long for this world. Over a century of near constant warfare and battle has worn away any quams he ever had about killing. Wolverine with take the first chance to cut through anyone that crosses him and stays in his reach. But logan is not heartless if you display honor and a sincere willingness to change your ways, then maybe just maybe you can be allowed to live.

But for those chosen few that become intimate with Logan his friends his see that Logan is likely the most dependable person they know. For those whom Logan truly cares about they get get to know the real Logan and find a funny caring nuturing protective man full of honesty..


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and ends up getting the girl version instead.

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  • 2016-07-12 - Kimura: Megan Kidnapped - Logan and Laura are hanging out in the X-Mansion when a package arrives for Laura. It contains a ghastly invitation to a fight, they accept it and come to Megan's rescue.

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