DC/Marvel: Age of Infinite Heroes
Wonder Girl
NameCassandra Sandsmark
CodenameWonder Girl
AffiliationTitans, Wonder Woman
  • Demi-God(dess) Attributes
  • Physical Attributes
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Superhuman Reflexes
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Flight
  • Magical Artifacts
  • Lasso of Lightning
  • Bracelets

Cassie Sandsmark is publicly known as the daughter of Helena Sandsmark, a single mother. She has been outed as a girl with super powers thanks to the attack of Silver Swan, an event that occurred while Cassie was at school, causing much in the way of property damage and putting a lot of lives at risk. She's now a student at a private, all-girl's school.

Wonder Girl is known as the protege of Wonder Woman and is even known within certain circles as the daughter of Zeus. She is a member of the Titans and former co-lead of the Young Justice.


Cassandra Elizabeth Sandsmark is the daughter of the noted archaeologist Doctor Helena Sandsmark. (for most of her life, her father was unknown)

Cassie's fate as a heroine and a demigoddess began when Diana (also known as Wonder Woman) came to work with Dr. Sandsmark on various digs and other projects. As might be expected, one of Wonder Woman's enemies attempted to attack her. Young and headstrong Cassie chose to leap to the defense of her idol, borrowing two ancient artifacts - the Bracers of Atlas and the Sandals of Hermes to help defeat Diana's enemy. Impressed, the Amazon princess took the girl under her wing and allowed her to keep these artifacts. Being a fan of the Titan now called Donna Troy (Diana's sister), Cassie wore a black wig and took on the mantle of Wonder Girl.

After being trained by the Amazon Artemis (one of the other candidates for the mantle of 'Wonder Woman'), Cassie sought to join the group of young heroes called 'Young Justice', though her initial desire to do so was to meet her crush - the teenaged Superboy. But this was fate as well - Young Justice's roster was made up of junior versions of the Justice League membership - a Robin, a Superboy, students of Green Arrow, a young speedster... why not someone like Wonder Woman?

Her time with Young Justice was a good one, Cassie grew in many different ways, but she especially grew to be less-selfish, more part of a team.

Young Justice disbanded after the death of Donna Troy at the hands of a Superman android. Cassie blamed herself and the other team members lack of experience - they disbanded the team and went their separate ways.

She could not avoid her fate, though, and eventually Cassie joined a new incarnation of the Titans and beginning a relationship with Superboy.

During her time with the Titans it was revealed that her father was actually the Greek god Zeus. Cassie's father helped her tap into her birthright as a demigoddess.


Family: Cassandra Sandsmark's personality has been defined by the idea of 'family' and the relationships that have been formed by the several families she has found herself to be part of - those that she did not choose and those she has.

For most of her life, Cassie's family was just herself and her mother, a noted archaeologist. She did not know her father, not until she was much older. Though her mother was very busy, Helena Sandsmark engendered in young Cassie the idea that their little family was the most important thing in the world. It was not a perfect relationship, nor a perfect family, but the important thing was that they fought to spend as much time together as possible.

Later she would learn that her father was in fact the Greek god Zeus and thus she suddenly found that she had a grand new extended family - gods and demigods of legend. She fell immediately into the typical stormy relationship teenagers have with older brothers and fathers. There were arguments, gifts given, happy meetings, and times when they wished they had never met. Yet is was these very relationships which made Cassie what she is today - in the obvious sense that she wouldn't exist without Zeus joining with her mother, in the sense that her powers came from ancient magical artifacts, but also her various struggles with her father and half-brother Ares have forged her personality as a heroine.

She gained another family as well when she became a heroine - that of the Amazon princess Diana and by extension the other Themysciran Amazons. She idolized Donna Troy (Cassie even wore a black wig for a time) and Wonder Woman, she is very proud to be thought worth by Diana and for the public at large to assume that they are related in some way.

More families came to her once she took on the mantle of a heroine too - first with Young Justice and then (mostly the same people) in the Titans. These people too have become adopted siblings and will be fiercely defended. Of course, these relationships are stormy and will always be so... but in the end there is nothing Cassie will not do for her family. She will move heaven and earth to protect them. Sometimes quite literally. She can do that now.

Youth: Though Cassie is not a little girl anymore, she is still not an adult. In a number of way she is still a teenager with all the requisite (and seeming paradoxical) insecurities and confidence in her own invincibility. Cassie has gone from child to young woman, from normal child to demigoddess in just a few years. Though she seems to have made adjustments without changing too much who she is, she has been plagued in the past by insecurity about herself and if she can protect the people she loves, her family. Though her confidence has waxed as her powers have, she may yet have a setback. It is yet to be seen if she will be able to act decisively as her mentor Diana might.


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