DC/Marvel: Age of Infinite Heroes
Wonder Woman
NameDiana of Themyscira
CodenameWonder Woman
Age3000 (32)
AffiliationJustice League, Themyscira
  • Immortality
  • Beauty of Aphrodite
  • Strength of Demeter
  • Wisdom of Athena
  • Gift of Artemis
  • Speed of Hermes
  • Sister with Fire

Given life by the Greek Gods as a gift to the queen of the Amazons, Diana was also given many special gifts by those same gods. When the time came to send a representative, a champion, back to the world of men, Diana was the victor in the trials that were held, and earned her right to journey to Man's World.

That was some twenty years ago. Upon her first arrival, a massive media campaign by the publicist Mindy Meyer made Diana virtually a household name. Since that time, she has become well-known on many levels; as the Princess of Themyscira, as Themyscira's ambassador to the U.N., as a member of the Justice League, and as the superheroine Wonder Woman.

Diana remains virtually a household word across most of the world, but especially in America. Superman is more famous and well-known than she is, but not many other heroes are. The media image of the beautiful and exotic supernatural princess is an easily captivating one.


Diana was not so much born as made. She was crafted from clay around roughly 1,000 BC by the Queen of the Amazons, Hippolyta, and given life by the Greek Gods, Diana grew up in the solitude of Themiscyra Island, the home of the Amazons which was isolated from human society (or, as the Amazons called it, "Man's World"). She grew to become the strongest of the Amazons, devouring knowledge of physical, mental, and philosophical sources. Men were unseen creatures of legend--monsters, dictators, and unworthy of them.

That all changed with the arrival of Steve Trevor, who challenged the Amazonian stereotype of man--he was brave and courageous, ready to fight but willing to seek peaceful coexistence. Diana found him handsome, forthright, honorable, and even-tempered, and his presence on the island affected Diana and her mother Hippolyta profoundly, eventually realizing that the Amazons, in an effort to protect themselves, had lost their way, that the world had matured and endured while they had stagnated, and that they had a duty to protect humanity--women and men. With that, Themiscyra, following tradition, would choose the most capable among them in both war and peace to represent the Amazons to the world as ambassador and protector.

Diana wished to compete, but her mother forbade her. Undaunted, Diana disguised herself with a helmet to conceal her face. Upon winning the competition, she revealed her identity and made her claim; her mother was honor-bound to give it, but was secretly pleased at her daughter's unwillingness to accept defeat. When Trevor returned, Diana, who became known as Wonder Woman, returned with him.

As the years passed, Diana found herself drawn to the conflicts of Man's World and beyond, while learning the intricacies of human society from her patient and handsome teacher. Although Diana was fond of Steve Trevor, she never accepted proposals of marriage from him, devoting her energies to her duty as Wonder Woman. She joined the Justice League, where she would be truly tested, but never found wanting. In an ever-changing world, she continues her endeavors in learning about the world around her while serving as its protector.


Warrior Princess: Diana, Princess of Themyscira, is a warrior princess. Her training, her focus, her devotion has been to the Amazon culture, and it's physical and scholastic pursuits. She is first and foremost a fighter in her sense of analysis of the world and how to operate within it. For here there is no disconnect in things, they were how she was primarily trained.

What this can lead to is that while she is loathe to use force, and will under no circumstances do so unnecessarily, she has far fewer of the qualms heroes have of escalating in a fight. She will take whatever action she deems the most efficient way of ending a conflict in times of crisis, whether it means not holding back strength against an adversary and risking crippling them, or even in the most grievous of circumstances killing. This is a separation she constantly has to war between in her time in service on Man's World. That of Amazon and Heroine, and how she interacts in each world, and how each in turn are foreign in a way to her viewed from the lens of Man's World itself.

Lifestyle: Diana is a woman of a different culture. An Amazon isolated for three thousand years from the rest of the world, away from Man and in service only to the Gods, based upon the Grecian ideal. Thus, Diana shares few of the taboos of modern culture has of love and interaction, seeing the only separation being that of love, which is universal. She holds no orientations as strange, following some of them herself, but sees them all as pure in their own way. Diana cannot grasp the reasonings behing sexism, prejudice, and racial phobias, and finds them anathema, and strives to destroy them whenever she encounters them, and does not tolerate them, but confronts them directly.

Compassionate: Diana is a compassionate soul who wants to help people. She wants to save people. She does not want people to suffer. Diana is a strong proponent of human rights and social justice, using her bully pulpit to argue for the betterment of people as a whole. She leads famine relief, rescue missions, and uses her limelight to pursue charity work as often as possible. Diana wishes to see the best in people, and thinks that they can be good if given the ability to do so, and that people are not naturally bad or evil. In a conflict or a mission, her first mission will always be to protect others, and to take the action to save the greatest number of people from harm and to limit the damage.

Fearless: Diana will never back off from anything. No challenge, no obstacle, no goal, no adversary. She will keep on going at something until she has succeeded or until she is dead. Her stubbornness is amazing, surprising even those who know her well. She will never falter in what she believes or what she feels she has to do, and almost nothing can dissuade her from a course of action once she has decided to pursue it. She will die before she admits failure or that she cannot achieve something.

Devotion: Diana is defined by her devotion in many ways. To the Greek Gods, whom she serves and is a representative of. To her mother and Thymescira, which she is the ambassador of to Man's World. To her friends and her staff that have helped her that worked for her. To the Justice League and the ideals of heroism that they represent and virtue. Diana is defined by her loyalty and devotion to those people and those things she holds dear, and she would rather die than turn aside from them or abandon them regardless of circumstances.

Self-Improvement: Diana always believes that she can do better, and that she has flaws. She is her own harshest critic in any circumstance, and believes she can always do more to hold herself up to the ideals she holds. She is aware of her position as an ideal, and she strives to do as much as she can to uphold it. She does not flagellate herself over it, but merely pushes herself evermore to live up to her calling, and to always find ways to do better. She pushes herself almost to the limits of her own physiology to always do more, and is constantly running herself ragged with public works and appearances for causes she champions.

Equality: Diana believes that everyone is equal to everyone else. No one is born better or worse than anyone else, and everyone has the same potential given to them by free will. To be good or evil, virtuous or selfish. All when left to their own circumstances she believes would innately better themselves. As such, Wonder Woman strives most harshly against the inequalities of life. Against hatred, against prejudice, against phobias. Against the evils inflicted upon man by man. She promotes social justice for all, and is a feminist icon in her own way. She works for famine relief, drought relief, refugee rescue. She uses her position to try and lobby for the embitterment of those who have been wronged and against hatred. She believes that humanity can make anything of itself when given the chance, all it needs is for circumstances to be there to make the best of itself. She cannot fathom prejudice for any reason, and will do her best to stamp it out wherever she encounters it.

Ambassador: Diana believes strongly in her mission. She sees it as both bettering herself, bettering Man's world, but also of bettering Thymescira. She fervently, she devoutly believes in her mission and it's rightness, and her goal is to make it a two way street of helping Man's world while also bringing her island out of it's isolation and bettering the Amazons as well. She thinks both have much to learn, and pursues her mission as if it was a divine calling.


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