Below are the rules and regulations for applying a G.I. Joe or Cobra character on the G.I. Joe: Yo Joe! grid. Please refer to the following link for rules on alts and dead characters: Application.


G.I. Joe: Yo Joe! grid does not use the +sheet code. They have their own system: +stats. Skills have the following ranks:

Rank Explanation
Unstated Basic Knowledge (Average Person) or Unknown.
E You are above average, people go to you for advice, you have potential.
D You have more than potential, you actually have training to go with it.
C You aren't bad, but could use some improvement. Sometimes, you actually shine.
B you are just plain good. You are a specialist, proficient and talented.
A- Impressive, respected, awe-worthy.
A You own people.
A+ You are amazing, top of the class, nearly undefeatable!

When setting a Skill, you not only select a rank, but also include any special notes you believe are required. Such as medical may require special notes of: Surgeon, first aid, illnesses. Or Hand-to-Hand may require the special notes of: Boxing, Kick Boxing, Aikido and down and dirty street fighting.

Resources are for special tech, team memberships, political connections, businesses, major money and so on. Each requires a full-fledged description.

Specials are for things that do not fit anywhere else. This could include Roadblock's seeming inhuman strength, or Cover-Girl's beauty.

Flaws are for the drawbacks to the character. Egotism, muteness, disfiguration, low intelligence, impatience, bad poetry, bad pun maker, arch-enemy, obsession, bad eye sight and so on. If possible, staff likes you to have a minimum of three flaws.

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